3 Patti Dragon is an online play game that is mostly played in Pakistan. This is the best way to earn real money with a low investment. This game is popular among many users and they will know how to use the game. However new beginners have no idea how to use the app. So, now we are here with a new guide lies for the users to play and how to use the app on their Android devices. Now you will know how to login into the account. In this blog post, you will get to know about this app online. Now do not get worry because here we will discuss this app and every problem will solved in here. Let’s get knowledge step by step.

3 Patti Dragon

If you are online here then download 3 Patti Dragon from here.

After downlaod and installing the app on your device. Just install and open the game now you will have to choose Login and Play as Guest. If you are new in the game just click on Play as Guest and you will able to get login to the game. Here you have the main page of the game. Now you have different games which you can play. Select the game which you like the most. And start to play.

If you are an old user then you better know the issue of the game. Sometimes the users face some small issues in the game. The issue is due to an error in the IP servers. It is faced by many users. If you are here then do not need to worry about anything. Because this problem is solved. Now you can learn easily.

If this issue comes to your game then wait a while to clear all the caches from the setting. And, If it does not work you can use the VPN while logging in the game. After using the VIP you will not be able to face this issue. The latest option is you can also contact in telegram.

Know you know how to use the app and how to login in to the 3 Patti Dragon. Step by Step we had given full details of the game. Now finally, you are 100% sure you have the idea about this game if you are a new users. Let login into the game and Start a new journey with low investment to earn unlimited money.

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